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Dr. Mike Christian

Physician - Leader - Academic


In brief.

Systems thinking, innovation, and the development of people are areas in which I have been noted to excel. 

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Mike Christian

Physician. Leader. Academic.

I am a senior healthcare sector leader with nearly 30 years of experience and a strong track record of high-performance.


My specialisms include critical care, infectious diseases, military, aviation, and pre-hospital medicine. I bring significant experience in clinical management and leadership.


Having begun my career in health care as a Paramedic, I have since served in roles at all levels of health care from front-line clinician through to the executive and board levels.


I am accustomed to participating in defining clinical strategy and policy direction. Additionally, I have a deep knowledge of clinical safety and governance processes. I thrive when working in collaboration with multi-disciplinary colleagues. I operate with humility, honesty, and integrity.

In summary, I am committed to the values of public service and healthcare. I am genuinely passionate about servant leadership, learning, human factors, and developing service excellence.


Leadership vision.

‘Break down the walls of hospitals to build systems that work for patients and providers.'


Through this vision, I aim to build teams that positively impact our communities of patients, providers, and families.

Leadership vision


I have enjoyed serving in a diverse range of roles, including Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Medical Director in Critical Care Medicine, Chief Safety Officer (CSO) for the largest multi-site hospital network in Ontario, Director on the board of Public Health Ontario, and Specialist Medical Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Investment Chart


One of the best ways to assess my performance and the impact that I have delivered for organizations is by looking at both results I produced while I was in my position and the legacy of these projects.
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 As an author of 100+ peer-reviewed journal articles, 4 editorials, 11 chapters, and 16 reports which have been cited 7,605+ times, I have developed a strong academic portfolio. My academic activities include research, quality improvement, and guideline development within the fields of critical care medicine, human factors, leadership, psychological resilience, disaster/outbreak management and emergency preparedness.


Strong communication skills are essential in both the clinical leadership and academic spheres.  I have developed my communication skills through teaching, public speaking, and media engagements. My teaching and mentoring activities have received recognition from students and colleagues locally and in international professional societies.
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As a committed life-long learner, I have an innate desire to find ways to increase my knowledge and skills. It drives me to seek the acquisition of new knowledge and skills continually.
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