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Teaching. Public Speaking. Media.

Teaching has been a passion for me since my teens and my first teaching role in the St. John's Ambulance. I have delivered 200 'invited' presentations at the international, national and regional levels, in addition to facilitating countless simulation sessions and classes. Local and international teaching awards recognize my teaching efforts. Finally, I participated in media interviews (radio, television and print) on several occasions.

Digital Transformation Project

Microsoft UK National Profile 2021

Speaking at the Risky Business Converence London, Engaland 2019

Speaking at the UK College of Paramedics National Conference 2018

Resilience - One Team's Trauma


LAA Journal Club

Apr 2021

LAA Journal Club

Feb 2021

Pre-hospital Emergency Anaesthesia

UK PCP Webinar 2021

Interview with BBC Breakfast in 2018

Why Triage ? A battle plan for COVID19

BCEHS Clinical Rounds 2019

LAA Journal Club

Mar 2021

LAA Journal Club

Nov 2020

Keeping Your Business Safe and Operating During COVID 19

March 2020

Infectious Disease Outbreak Webinar 

Feb 11, 2020

Mark Hannaford and Mike Christian: Combatting Your Imposter Syndrome: 

WEM Founder Mark Hannaford is joined by HEMS Doctor and former Paramedic Mike Christian. Mike tells us how he took the leap from working as a Paramedic in Canada, and fuelled by curiosity, decided to go back to University to train as a Doctor. Alongside Mark, Mike considers some of the best lessons he took from his earlier training and has kept with him even today - from building rapport with patients, to being resourceful in front-line environments and the power of asking good questions.

WEMcast - Reflections Part 1: Mark Hannaford, Eoin Walker and Will Duffin: 

In this episode, WEM Founder Mark Hannaford, Trauma Lead Eoin Walker and Education Lead Will Duffin come together to discuss their favourite episodes from the podcasts and live sessions they've hosted over the last few months among them Mark's favourite, an interview with Dr Mike Christian (WEMcast Aug 3, 2020).

Clinical Rounds: Building Resilience to Operational Stress

In this episode, Leon Baranowski interviews Mike Christian in a follow-up to Dr. Christian’s Clinical Rounds presentation. He discusses his experiences with London HEMS and gives a unique perspective on exposure to trauma, operational stress, and building resilience. 

Interview: Dr Mike Christian of London’s Air Ambulance Charity on their digital transformation

Airmed & Rescue,by Megan Ogilvie Health Reporter (August 4, 2021, Issue 119)

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 17.51.32.png
Haiti: So much more to do

A Toronto Star interview by Megan Ogilvie Health Reporter (Sun., March 21, 2010)

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