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Image by Riccardo Annandale


Genuinely passionate about servant leadership.

Incredible people and leaders have mentored me throughout my life. From my early days in Scouting onward, I have had the privilege of developing and practicing my leadership skills. I'm still learning. Some feedback I've received graciously describes me as a "natural leader," which I attribute to my innate curiosity about human nature, combining with a desire to look out for and help others. 

My approach to leadership is strongly rooted in my core values: duty, honesty, and humility. Like medicine and most areas of life, I don't believe there is one approach that works for all situations or with all people when it comes to leadership. Overall, I would say that the concept of "agile leadership" best describes my approach. My leadership style is heavily influenced by the philosophies of servant leadership and intent-based leadership. Regardless of the leadership technique I am employing, I strive to be a credible, inspirational, and motivational leader. A majority of the leadership situations I encounter depend upon my ability to influence to achieve results. I engage people on my teams by articulating a vision, empowering them, and ensuring accountability for all, including myself. I try to lead by example and set a precedent for openness and inclusion within the team.

My personal leadership vision is to ‘Break down the walls of hospitals to build systems that work for patients and providers.' Through this vision, I aim to build teams that positively impact our communities of patients, providers, and families. 

I have worked to develop my leadership skills by undertaking formal leadership training, engaging a professional coach, in addition to continually reflecting on the feedback I have received during my leadership experiences.  I am a member of the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders. Below you can find a link to learn more about how my experience and skills align with the LEADS Capability Framework.

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